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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Reading and Writing

Thanks to a really cool papa who seems to speak her language and get her excited about it, our girl has been learning to read.  Maybe it’s the chopsticks that are the key to his success…   She has been interested in writing letters for quite awhile, but just this week has started learning to […]

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Our Busy Days

Our days, like yours, are full.  When I wake up to see it (and when I sleep enough to fully participate in it– I’m working on that), I see an alive family connecting, learning, exploring, creating, and enjoying one another.  Every day brings an opportunity for more.  

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Watercolor Snowflakes

Occasionally I bring out specific art materials for a “project” with the kids, but generally I don’t have an end product in mind.  The project starts one way and then continuously changes and takes different paths as we go.  Today we started with liquid watercolors, droppers, and coffee filters.  We dropped the watercolor paint onto […]

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Hello Leaves

Right now we have leaves all around us– right outside our door in the yard and surrounding fields– free and just for us for building, throwing, digging, jumping, and playing.  What more do kids really need?  Yup, fun times indeed.  

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Beautiful Autumn

No matter where we are, autumn happens with all its beauty, peace, and fun.  The weather here in North Chicago has been sunny and pleasant, and we’ve been doing our best to enjoy it.  When we’re not inside playing with art, toys, games, books and our new family nerf guns, and we’re not running errands […]

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