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Watercolor Snowflakes

Occasionally I bring out specific art materials for a “project” with the kids, but generally I don’t have an end product in mind.  The project starts one way and then continuously changes and takes different paths as we go.  Today we started with liquid watercolors, droppers, and coffee filters.  We dropped the watercolor paint onto the filters and watched how the colors mixed and expanded.  When dry, we cut the coffee filters into snowflakes and other designs and taped them to the window.  I especially like seeing how, once she gets into the project, Ashton uses and combines the art materials to create characters, animals and stories.  Our projects usually end when we all feel done, and what we end up with is often a neat surprise.  I will continue posting about it.  I will also post soon about Matt and myself, and our projects and learnings.

Grandma & Grandpa Jones - Thank you !!! we enjoyed seeing the pictures and then we visited your Blog site, It is really nice to read about your adventures and see the children at play and of course a picture or 2 of both of you.

Keep in touch—- Love you Grandma and Grandpa jones

Mailli - Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to do it too!!!!!!!!!

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