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Monthly Archives: November 2010

We Heart Chocolate

Yes, we do heart chocolate.  Am I talking about our special weekly family trips (okay, multi-weekly) to the grocery store for a (er, two, because we really do need one dark and one white) chocolate bar?  Or the way we skillfully cruise through an opened bag of chocolate chips left in the cupboard?  Or the way I […]

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Best Ever Turkey

We had a mellow Thanksgiving with Matt’s brother, who came over for a couple days from his college in Minnesota.  What a treat that we were able to spend Thanksgiving with family after moving so far away from family.  The turkey we made was the best any of us has ever eaten: even the white meat […]

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Mama Makes Hats

In the last two years since I learned to knit, I’ve been making hats.  Oh, I’ve made other things here and there– a pair of socks, some mittens, a couple of headbands– but mostly I’ve knit a dozen or so hats.  I fully intend to venture into sweaters and shawls and other bigger projects, but […]

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Kid Craft Mania

In the wake of Grandma’s visit has come a barrage of kid crafting, and there will be much more to come.  All we need is one idea to get us started, and the creativity comes rolling forward.  This day we made birds, a nest for the birds, a fairy bed (and a lovely nest for […]

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Chicago with Grandma

On her last day, Grandma spoke up.  “Aren’t we going to see Chicago?” she asked.  Now we know better than not to take our guests down to see Chicago (we live about 45 miles north of the city), but we’d been hoping she wouldn’t ask.  Not because we don’t want to, but because we don’t […]

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At the Beach with Grandma

The beach is a nice place to take a small-town country girl, especially after a couple of days of traveling around urban Chicagoland.  We had a relaxed and easy time there, as always.  The beach has been a place where the kids take off in their own directions and quietly–to the music of the waves– dig […]

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Crafting with Grandma

After a day or so of laying around not knowing what to do with herself, Grandma started thumbing through a crafting book.  For the rest of her stay, our table was covered with materials– scissors, glue, paper of all sorts, stamps and ink, leaves and flowers, craft books, paints and pencils, and more.  With focus, […]

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Gaming with Grandma

Vacations in my life tend to be good times to catch up on gaming.  Grandma was visiting and had nothing to do but hang out, so, being glad to oblige, hanging out was our top priority.  Cribbage was taken off the shelf after years of not being played, and the kids brought out some of […]

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