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We Like Weight Lifting

We really do.  It brings fast and fantastic results in body composition (i.e. muscles, which are so cool and beautiful and amazing to watch develop), and it takes hardly any time at all.  We’ve invested in equipment to do our workouts at home, but the gym has its benefits too. We started a couple years ago with Body By Science, a once-a-week-for-12-minutes program, then moved into Starting Strength, which we did 2-3 days per week at about 45 minutes per workout, and now we’ve progressed to Wendler’s 5/3/1 program, which takes us about 20 minutes 4 times per week.

I ran and did mellow cardio until after I had my second baby, when I had a bunch of extra weight that wasn’t coming off.  Matt started us on Body by Science and a low-carb diet and the pant sizes melted away.   A couple years later the results are now not so apparent, but I continue to see strength and body composition improvements.  I don’t think we will ever stop lifting weights; it is hard to do and stretches us to our limits, yet that’s also the part about it that is so rewarding, both physically and mentally.  We might change it up and add more sprinting, running or CrossFit as time goes on, but weight lifting is here to stay.

And the other cool part is getting to share it with our kids.


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