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In the last two years since I learned to knit, I’ve been making hats.  Oh, I’ve made other things here and there– a pair of socks, some mittens, a couple of headbands– but mostly I’ve knit a dozen or so hats.  I fully intend to venture into sweaters and shawls and other bigger projects, but for now I am learning the knitting basics (and there do seem to be a lot of basics and interplay of variables that can make even simple projects go terribly wrong) with smaller projects.  I’m learning on my own, and sometimes even just a hat requires a lot of starting over again and again before I get it right, although I can say I am reducing my number of re-starts as I progress.  But I do enjoy knitting, especially when I end up with a beautiful, hand-crafted, wooly and soft creation made for someone I love.

Two recent creations, pictured below, are the Drops Basic Hat and Amanda Hat.  Both, actually, were intended for other people (one was the wrong style and the other turned out too short), but ended up perfect for Ashton and me.  I’ve got more knitting projects in my queue for holiday gifts, which I do hope to accomplish.  We shall see…


Brooke - hats are good!

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