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Fairies Among Us

Do you know we have fairies in our house?  They are everywhere, and Ashton has been very busy catching them, making villages for them (several  different villages are pictured below), feeding them, writing signs for them, drawing them, and sadly even doing some crying about wanting a real fairy.  We have all been sprinkled with fairy dust and have flown through the stars, we have hushed and tiptoed as fairies have been caught, and we have obstacle-coursed ourselves over and through the many fairy villages in our house. Fairy audio books have been listened to, movies watched, books read, and stories told.

Matt and I so enjoy watching Ashton being so involved in her interests with such enthusiasm and intensity.  I feel interested in seeing how Cedar’s interests develop and get more focused– he’s still doing a lot of wandering around to this and that, checking stuff out.  Is this how most boys are?

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