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Cedar In Action

After I wrote yesterday about Ashton’s interest in fairies and my curiosity about Cedar’s interests, I decided to start paying closer attention to Cedar, watch him, respond to him, and see what he is up to.  I learned today that although he isn’t super-focused on one thing just yet, he is definitely doing a lot.   Just today, Cedar…



designed, got help with, and built a ship,


played Christmas songs on the melodica,


and told me a very serious and scary story about there being dragons in the closet.


He also::

:: fought said dragons with his sister

::followed papa around, watched him, talked to him, and did what papa did

::cut string, cut paper, glued, stamped, wanted to draw with window crayons (mama said not today!)

:: helped cook dinner

:: asked for (and got) books read to him

:: played ABC games on the computer and on papa’s i-phone (this he wants to do a LOT, and we are doing our best to regulate it)

:: played a game with mama

:: played legos with papa

:: asked, as he does all day long, every day, to almost every thing, especially when we are telling him ‘no’, “WHY?”


This kid is not roaming aimlessly from one thing to the next, but actively doing, learning, figuring out, asking for things, asking questions, understanding more deeply, and creating.  I am seriously wiped out!

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