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Felt Fairies

Inspired by this fairy queen, Ashton and I made a couple of fairies.  Starting with a wooden clothespin, I hot-glued (by the way, I think the glue gun is just so cool) felt, ribbon, hair, and buttons to the clothespin to make a fairy that Ashton will now play with all day.  Doll-making is one of her all-time favorite activities.  I wanted to attach string and make them into ornaments, but Ashton gave an adamant “No Way!” to that idea.

After the fairy came a “beast” for Cedar.  More cute than beastly, I think, and totally designed by Cedar.

Cedar can only hang with crafting for so long before this happens.  How much longer till they can spend their days outside again?  Oh yeah, winter hasn’t even begun yet.  I may want to open up to having a messy house for a few months…

Grandpa Crown - Dear Ashton – I heard you have Fairies in your house. That is a very cool thing. Be careful, they can be very funny and can make you giggle hysterically from their prankster nature. Way, way back in the olden days they helped me fight the Ticklebugs. Of course, we lost and now Ticklebugs are everywhere. The Fairies don’t seem to find too much, don’t you think? Because of all the Ticklebugs there aren’t any Fairies in my house but I do have a Pooka and his name is Okeedokee and is a very interesting fellow. Love you much. Watch out for Tickle spiders from Outer Space.

Mailli - Nice fairies, Ashton and Jessica!


there pretty!

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mailli - ….was so cute that…..

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