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Knitted Gifts

I hope you those who received these knits as gifts won’t mind my sharing them, but I’d like to tell what I’ve been doing with a lot of my time this month, and I like that this blog lets me keep a record of what I’ve created.  I whirlwinded myself into a knitting frenzy for several weeks and, except for the misses that ended up mine, Ashton and Cedar’s, and the many times I messed up on the sizing and had to rip them out and start over again, I ended up successfully creating some knitted gifts for my loved ones.

Now I’m cringing over whether said knits will actually fit these loved ones, but I’ll just have to wait and see on that.  I do hope, if they don’t fit, you will send it back to me to be fixed (which I am happy to do).

Thumbless Mittens

Boyfriend Hat, with length added

Amanda Hat

Stretchy Knit Hat

DROPS hat in textured pattern

DROPS ribbed headband and Frostbeat Headband, all with lining sewed in


Now on to more knitting!  I’m definitely hooked now.


Brooke - It is an addiction! They all look wonderful!

Mailli - Cool ! mines on the blog!
Oh, yeah, mine fits!

Mailli - Mine is a Amanda-hat, isnt it?

mattjoneser - Yes, Mailli, yours is the Amanda hat.

mailli - it's so cool!!!!!!!!!!

mailli - i love my hat, 'cause it r'mineds me of you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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