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Drawing from Books

I was thinking about asking Ashton soon if she’d like to work on copying pictures from books, but she went ahead and did it before I even had a chance to mention it.   When she is excited about something, like all people, she goes fully forward into creating it in different ways, and this particular book is a fairy book.  With fairies on her mind she is busy making plays and art and maps and cities and dolls and books and signs and all kinds of things.

I’m doing a lot of fudging my way along this road of parenting, but one thing that keeps coming up is this: often when I step back and let them explore in the ways they choose, I am amazed by what they bring forward.  My guess is that this is true for all of us.

Mailli - Nice goblins, and nice PLEASE in the corner of that sign or picture . TO; ASHTON !

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