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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Choosing Gratitude in the Unknown

There is a lot of stress happening around here at the moment as we are preparing for the next phase of change in our lives.  After a diagnosis of breast cancer just before Christmas, lots of doctor visits and tests and probes and long-seeming waits, I am heading in for surgery this Monday.  They will […]

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Snowy Days

What do you do on a snowy winter day when your parents are doing their own thing and not paying attention to you?  Draw on the window, of course!

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More Fairy Crafting

We’ve been at it again making clothespin/felt fairies (more of these).  This one below was intended as a gift for a neighbor’s 5th birthday, but the little fairy was so beautiful that Ashton couldn’t part with her.  We did make a second fairy, however, and were able to wrap it up and gift it.  These fairies […]

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The Start

… of a lifetime of lego loving, I’ll wager.  Just like his dad, his dad’s dad, and many others before him. It is really a joy to watch this boy growing before our eyes, deepening his understanding of all the things going on around him, participating in life more and more fully, letting us be […]

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Building with Popsicle Sticks

What do popsicle sticks and glue equal?  Anything you want!  Glue them, build them, cut them, watch them fall apart in the tub (I think we need some waterproof glue next time), and, of course, play dolls and fairies with them.

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Dangerous Thing: Deconstruct an Appliance

Next up on the 50 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do itinerary is… drumroll… #34: Deconstruct an Appliance. Actually, a camera we picked up from the thrift store, although we would like to deconstruct a blender or other bigger kitchen appliance next.  It was really interesting to learn about the insides of the camera and […]

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Flitter Fairy Love

Ashton’s thumbsucking days may officially be coming to a close.  After 20 days of no sucking, her flitter fairy arrived in the mail (on the exact day, thank goodness!), and she is really so happy to have a “real” fairy now.  The fairy– just so you are fully aware if you are thinking of buying […]

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