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Recent Book Favorites

Today I thought I’d share a few of the books we’ve been reading lately::


:: Matt’s been really excited about Tim Ferris’ The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body, and now has lots of crazy ideas running through his brain. Like making sauerkraut, taking garlic capsules, writing a book, and starting a business.  Tim Ferris sure does get us pumped.

:: Robb Wolf, with his book The Paleo Solution, has made a big impact on our diet/health perspective and Jim Wendler, in 5-3-1: The Simplest and Most Effective Training Program for Raw Strength, has helped us develop our approach to working out.

:: We just received Fifty Dangerous Things You should Let Your Children Do, and we’re looking forward to doing the activities in it (let your kids play with fire, drive a car, take apart an appliance, drop something made of glass, and more fun ideas), and on the subject of parenting Matt is currently reading one of my favorites, Parenting Without Power Struggles.

:: And while I’ve been learning how to take photos from books and the internet, Matt’s been learning about breast cancer (it sure is nice to have such an engaged husband).


If you’d care to comment, I’d love to hear what YOU are reading!  Anything good and interesting on your reading queue?

Grandpa Crown - I thought I was being helpful with “Highlights” but you guys are way beyond that! Love you much.

Roger - Hello all,
I continue to find dangerous things to do. Jumping off ladders is not recomended!. I used firecrackers to excavate a road for my tonka trucks in a hill side. I built a log cabin out of willows with nothing but a pocket knife at 6 yrs old. I now ride my bike hundres of miles on busy roads. I work with almost all women (very dangerous). I used to blow cans in the air with fire cracker. at 12 yrs old I backpacked 8 miles into the mountains and camped overnight with my older brother.

mattjoneser - That is awesome, Roger! I wish you could come visit and give my kids some adventure lessons.


Mailli - Yes!!!!!
Its an inch thick,and it has wizards,and the “man in the moon”, and MERMAIDS in it!!!!!!!!
And its about a little dog called Rover , or ROVERANDOM!!!!

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