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Flitter Fairy Love

Ashton’s thumbsucking days may officially be coming to a close.  After 20 days of no sucking, her flitter fairy arrived in the mail (on the exact day, thank goodness!), and she is really so happy to have a “real” fairy now.  The fairy– just so you are fully aware if you are thinking of buying one– is very delicate and has already broken a tad on the wings, but I think we can mend it and it will still be fine.  Her wings actually do “flutter”, and she flies with the use of a string attached to a hair clip and a wand.

We are going to continue until the end of January with giving Ashton a dollar for each day she doesn’t suck her thumb.  With the money she will have earned by then, coupled with her allowance, she has big plans for her next purchase.  And that means 18 more days of no sucking. Yippee!

Terri - that is so awesome!! go Ashton!

Mailli - Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That looks SSSOOOOO fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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