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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Chef Ashton

Occasionally our Ashton gets inspired, in both her drawing and her tummy, to create recipes for us to make and eat.  Generally they require a bit of adjusting, but for the most part these adjustments are minimal and her recipes are very close to right on.  Recently she drew and dictated a recipe for a […]

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Cedar Crafts

Cedar put together this Winnie-the-Pooh puzzle and, after studying the picture for several moments, decided that those “phones” with pencils sticking out of them were something that he really needed. So together we made one. And then another, because of course we needed two. Then, because really it doesn’t make sense to have a phone […]

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Keeping the Hair

Thankfully the cancer test results came back showing I am low risk for cancer recurring within the next ten years, and that chemotherapy would not be of benefit to me.  I am being urged to take a drug called tamoxifen for the next five years and I will continue in the process of breast reconstruction… […]

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Computering and Providing Access

We’ve been spending time listening to some old radio-show story recordings ala Kiddie Records Weekly lately and it is pretty neat for both kids and adults.  The kids choose all kinds of different stories, some more fitting for the girl (who likes to follow along in her fairy tale books) and some more fun for the […]

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Our Seven-Foot Yellow Python

One benefit of living in an urban area is that there are opportunities available that just weren’t in Montana.  We do miss a lot of what Montana has to offer, of course, but we also get to do some unique and interesting new things now.  Like petting snakes at the mall.  Ashton bravely approached that […]

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