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Cancer Lost This Round

Yes, a bilateral mastectomy is complete, reconstruction is in process, and recovery is happening.  Thanks are in order for all the prayers, calls, cards, packages, and help.  My aunt graciously spent the first week with us (half of it in the hospital and the other half at my home bedside and cooking meals for my family), and my mom is en route as I write this to help out this week as I continue recovering.  Today I got to spend a half-day alone with the kids, and I realized I am more recovered than I had thought.  Now we are on to a lengthy breast reconstruction phase, and are also awaiting test results that will tell us whether chemotherapy will be a recommended course of treatment.  We are hoping not.

I am feeling tired and slow, ever-decreasing pain, and a little sad and scared sometimes.  Right now I am learning to let myself rest, and I am thinking about the things I want for my life– for right now and in the future.

I do know that I enjoy the daily routine my children and I have co-created, doing projects with them, taking photos and documenting our days.  So I’m going to do my best to continue those activities and post it here on our blog.

More to come.



Brooke - You are amazing!

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