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Our Seven-Foot Yellow Python

One benefit of living in an urban area is that there are opportunities available that just weren’t in Montana.  We do miss a lot of what Montana has to offer, of course, but we also get to do some unique and interesting new things now.  Like petting snakes at the mall.  Ashton bravely approached that snake, touched it… touched it again… and has been super excited about snakes ever since.  She would very much like a pet snake now, but decided it would work for her to have a pretend pet snake– but it had to be yellow and 7 feet long.  So I found the closest fabric I could find in my stash (she was not happy at first about the orange with stars but was willing to take it so she could have her pet snake asap– mama doesn’t have that much energy right now and going to the fabric store was not an option), and I created a simple, long, stuffed, yellow(ish) snake.  She has been carrying it around with her for days, sleeping with it at night, and performing various dances and stunts with it for our viewing pleasure.  It is really so cute and fun to watch.

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