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Computering and Providing Access

We’ve been spending time listening to some old radio-show story recordings ala Kiddie Records Weekly lately and it is pretty neat for both kids and adults.  The kids choose all kinds of different stories, some more fitting for the girl (who likes to follow along in her fairy tale books) and some more fun for the boy.  The stories are fairly short and very entertaining.

I recently added links to our favorite kid websites (including Starfall and Poisson Rouge) on our browser toolbar so the kids can access the websites themselves during their daily dose of computer time.  Although we are on the fence about how useful computer games might be for them, I always like creating more accessibility for them as they grow and mature.  When we make things more accessible to them, we give them more freedom, choice, responsibility, and opportunities to be creative.  Even something as simple as providing links they can click themselves (or a stool to stand on, a water dispenser for getting their own water, a rack of coat hooks at their height, a tray of art materials within reach, etc) opens up for them a whole new world of excitement and possibility.  I get really excited, too, that I get to support my kids in this way as they become more independent.

If you are reading and would care to comment, I’d love to know how you handle your kids and computer time.  I’d also like to know your favorite websites for your kids.


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Mailli - I still like star fall!!!!!!!!

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