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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Dangerous Thing: Make a Bomb in a Bag

After our exploding volcano, since we had a big mess already made and the baking soda and vinegar all ready to go, we figured we ought to explode some more stuff.  So we brought out Fifty Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do and made bag bombs.  I hope we get to see these […]

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Exploding Volcano

After weeks of hospital stays, family members staying with us, mama in pain and life a bit chaotic, things are finally settling down again.  This weekend was all about being at home…together.  And what does a family do on a cold day at home?  Build a volcano and watch it explode, if course!  Projects like […]

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While Grandma Jean was here to help during Jessica’s reconstruction infection, she did a bit of sewing for her grandkids.  The kids got quite the treat with not just an Indian costume and pink flannel nightgown, but Peter Pan and Fairy costumes too.  Pretty neat!

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Barefoot Beginnings

These children only wear shoes when we force them to, and just as soon as they can they free themselves of their foot-prisons.  Now that spring has arrived (well, last week anyway… this week we’re back to cold), another season of outside exploring, playing, running, and creating– barefoot— has begun.        

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Six Years Old

A homemade pinata and party hats, tinkerbell plates and cups, streamers and balloons, presents and friends, and a specifically requested chocolate-strawberry-swirl cake with chocolate-cream-cheese frosting.  It was just what she ordered, and I think she enjoyed it.  Our beautiful girl is six years old now.

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