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Sprinting in the Park

Matt and I have been enjoying some outdoor exercising now that the weather has warmed up a bit.  Our workout routine includes heavy weightlifting, some running, some martial art/gymnastic stuff, and some sprinting.  Sprinting is generally not much fun when it is a timed, run back and forth as fast as you can until you want to throw up kind of workout; but we’ve been having a ton of fun sprinting with Hyperdash, a race-course game that we’ve been setting up around the park.  We still sometimes run as fast as we can until we want to throw up, but it’s really fun to hurl ourselves over and through obstacles like picnic benches and children’s playgrounds while we’re at it.

Some of you may have been curious about my current state of physical health after breast cancer, infection, surgeries, etc.  In March, after battling infection for several weeks, my breast reconstruction was put on “hold” for 6 months– my infected tissue expander was removed and reconstructive surgery will take place again in the fall.  In the meantime, I have one full tissue expander and one side without anything, so am using a prosthesis on the flat side for now.  I am regaining my strength and body composition after 3.5 months of sitting around, I have no weight restrictions at all, and I am back to working out as usual.   I am grateful to be able to move and play this way with Matt.

Mailli - AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your looking great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(health-wise, too!)

mattjoneser - Thanks Mailli!

tracey - um, how I stumbled at this post, I don't know…but wow, what a journey you have been on! Prayers for you….

Jessica - Thanks, Tracey. Yes, it has been a journey for sure.

Andrea - Oh my, Jessica. I had no idea. Like Tracey said, what a journey to go through. I will keep you in my prayers.

Andrea - Oh, and I'm fairly certain I'd hurt myself if I tried to run up and over that bench. 😉

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