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At the Beach with Dad

We’ve gotten to spend several days together as a family this week just ‘being’.  The ocean is an amazing and beautiful place to go, and we are thankful to live right down the street from it.

Matt is newly assigned to a ship which will go out to sea for a week at a time on occasion, and then it is scheduled to deploy for 6 months in March.  We are hanging onto the slim hope that we can avoid this deployment by getting Matt into the Navy Band before that happens.  We know the Navy means deploying… but that isn’t what we thought we were getting ourselves into, and it’s a struggle for us to be OK with it.  We will see what comes.

Besides handling Matt’s new job assignment, I’ve been working on creating a homeschool plan and schedule. Today was our first day, and it was very successful.  I hope to post more about our homeschooling as the projects roll along.

Finally, my breast reconstruction is going fine.  The next surgery is scheduled for October 24th, where my tissue expanders will be replaced with permanent implants.  Hopefully this goes well, with a quick recovery.

Terrio - Jess- you take some beautiful pics! I love it. Hope you are doing well. Hang in there, God will put Matt where he needs him. Hugs

Alicia - Jessica, these pictures are so beautiful. Makes my heart happy and brings tears to my eyes seeing Cedar and Ashton getting to play with their daddy again. Love you guys!

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