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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Simple Homemade Book

Ashton and I made a simple journal out of cardboard and paper, using this easy tutorial, so she can have a fun place to draw her pictures and stories.  It was so simple to make, and there are so many different ways to make simple books, that I think more homemade books may be on […]

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Family Hiking

We ventured out to find some woods recently and found that this definitely ain’t Montana, but there are woods to walk in and beautiful things to enjoy here in Jacksonville.  We had a full day together of driving, walking, picnicking, and playing.  We rode a ferry across the river and Matt and I saw dolphins […]

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Sun-Soaked and Still

The sun came out, the weather turned a relaxing and sun-soaked warm, and we headed out for a walk.  As we passed the pond, Ashton said she wanted to stop and sit in the sun.  Sit in the sun??  Ummm, YES!  A girl after my own heart.  So we stopped at the dock, sat, rested, […]

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Learning at the Beach

We went to the beach on a warm day and, after they realized mid-November is just a wee bit too cold for swimming (at least this day), we did some learning instead.  

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Fall Colors

Sometimes it just takes wandering through the woods to see that there is much, much more than green and brown here in Florida.  We don’t have the fall foliage with breathtaking trees of vibrant colors, the piles of leaves to rake and jump in, or the crisp cold air with frost at its fingers; we […]

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Making Robots

After reading this post about children’s robot creations, the kids and I got excited about being able to create robots out of whatever we could find around the house.  We searched the trashes, the recycle box, and the craft basket and, after amassing a table full of materials, Ashton made a “Welcome Home Dad” robot.  This […]

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Fall in Florida

… is windy and rainy this week– cold enough for pants (for me, not for anyone else in my family) and even sweatshirts– at least until it gets back up toward 80 degrees next week.  Crazy warm for us northern folk! And for an update, my implant exchange (breast reconstruction post breast cancer) surgery went […]

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