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After days of deliberating and mind-changing, our little ones decided to dress up as a skeleton and a ‘nice’ witch for Halloween.  The whole family joined throngs of other costumed children and parents on the streets, and we scored quite a haul.  It was a lot of fun for us to join the festive night with so many others, see all the great costumes and, of course, get lots of candy for free.  When we got home we had an ‘eat-as-much-candy-as-you-can-right-NOW’ munch fest, asked them to choose several pieces to save for the next day, and the rest of the candy disappeared.  Fun and just right for a family that, other than the occasional bar of chocolate, doesn’t eat candy.  

mailli - wow!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashton is so pretty, and Cedar is so cool!!!!!!!!!

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