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Homeschool Projects

Thought I’d share today a few of the recent projects we’ve done with our new homeschool routine.  
This is a lapbook we made using the Five In A Row (FIAR) book we read, Owl Moon.  Throughout the week, as we read the book every day for 5 days, we worked on a variety of discussion topics like owls, phases of the moon, and similes, in addition to various art projects like collage and drawing techniques.  We made a lapbook, put our work in it, and enjoyed looking through it at all the things we did.  I really like these lapbooks and will continue to do more as we read FIAR books. 

We’ve been working on math by creating and playing math games like the one below.  In this game we roll the dice to move, answer addition/subtraction question cards for rewards or penalties, and occasionally land on evil witch spots (courtesy of Ashton).  Ashton has really enjoyed playing, especially since she had a big hand in making it.  As we’ve played she has gotten more and more proficient at understanding what the cards say/mean, and at adding and subtracting.   This is a really fun way to learn math so far!

Here is some writing practice that happened while playing “boarding house” (we pretending we were running a boarding house– which was awesome cause the kids totally cleaned and decorated the house!) using our FIAR book, Mirette on the High Wire.

And after reading Mirette on the High Wire, about a girl who becomes an amazing and famous tight rope walker, Ashton has been practicing her balancing skills.  She, too, may one day become a tight rope performer!

Brooke - What great ideas! I am struggling to maintain a routine… And Colton has been asking to go to school… Not sure if we are going to send him but if he keeps asking we may have to.
So is there a list of these FIAR books with ideas? It sounds really fun.

Jessica - Hey Brooke. FIAR is really great. I wrote a post saying a little bit about it a couple days ago: You can find the ‘Five In A Row’ books (they are a series) on Amazon or ebay. Their website is helpful as well. We love it. I learned about it from Alicia, and they love it too.

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