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Fall Colors

Sometimes it just takes wandering through the woods to see that there is much, much more than green and brown here in Florida.  We don’t have the fall foliage with breathtaking trees of vibrant colors, the piles of leaves to rake and jump in, or the crisp cold air with frost at its fingers; we DO, however, have green abundance everywhere, life still growing, warm days to explore and play, and lovely colors to find and enjoy.

This was my first time photographing nature, and I might just have to do it more often– it was exciting to ‘see’ things with my camera I would normally overlook.  I love the way photography opens up a world of beauty for me.

tracey - I am so glad you got out and took these pictures. I love that one of looking straight up into the tree. 5th one down from top. I did a fall link up last week with some photo blogging friends, and this would have been a good post to link to!

Jessica - Maybe next time. Thanks for that thought!

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