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Learning at the Beach

We went to the beach on a warm day and, after they realized mid-November is just a wee bit too cold for swimming (at least this day), we did some learning instead.  

tracey - I am loving these images. Love the shadows and the soft white sand. We are on opposite sides of the country but blessed to be able to visit the beach even in the colder weather. I cannot believe you moved from Montana! In my other life I live in Montana. 🙂 What a contrast huh?
And does your hubby have anywhere that we can listen to his piano playing? I am a piano player too. Feeds my soul. 🙂

Jessica - Hi Tracey,

Thanks for stopping by!
Yes, this is a huge contrast! Lots of learning and changing going on for us.
My husband tells he doesn't have a place for just piano but you can listen to some of his other music at

Jenn Jones - What a wonderful day this looks like! Beautiful photos and children! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad I found yours!

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