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Tuesday: I’m thinkin’…

… that some days I feel like all I can do is hang on for the ride, and hopefully in the process remember that I am still loved as I am.

I’m joining in with a group of women and their beautiful blogs this week for a daily “I’m thinkin'” theme.  Hooray for new friends!

Check out the other ladies’ thoughts for today:


Skeller - hang on! can't help but think of my grandma's maxim: "this too shall pass …"

Naomi - so, so true. Love this shot.

Stacey - Hang on. You ARE loved.

I am drawn to her (?) eyelashes in this shot. Simple and lovely. Thanks for joining us!! 🙂

liza - Oh, those days…I know what you mean. Hang on there!!!

Heather M. - isn't that the truth?! love the photo you chose to put with your words.

Shawntae - Wonderful photo! Love the processing too!

Hanging on for the ride is all we can do, right? What a ride it is sometimes.:)

Andrea - You said it! Great photo. Cute little hands hanging on. Keep hanging on! 🙂

Shawntae - Sure thing! I added you to my list! 🙂 Looking now, I think I'm missing a couple of ppl in my list.

Tracey - After Stacey's comment I had to go back and find the eyelashes…how wonderful that you caught them. 🙂 I love this picture with your words, such a good match. A true picture of what I feel like sometimes. And yes, hang on J…you are loved. 🙂

georgia b. - yes… i get what you're saying! i feel the same.

i love this shot. such a cute composition and crop… with her sweet little face and nose peeking up from the corner.

so glad you joined the ranks of the thinkin'! looking forward to seeing more throughout the week!

Golightly - Love it. I've been hanging on quite a bit this season. I'm still breathing.

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