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Wednesday: I’m thinkin’…

…that sometimes, no matter how old we are, we just need someone to kiss our ow-ies, snuggle, and make it all better.  Today I want to remember that really this is all my kids want from me.

I’m joining in with a group of women and their beautiful blogs this week for a daily “I’m thinkin'” theme.  Hooray for new friends!

Check out the other ladies’ thoughts for today:



Naomi - Aww thanks for the reminder. This is so sweet. Love the light and the processing.

Michelle - Such a good thing to be reminded of. We all want that.

Tracey - I think you must be a very good mother J. 🙂 Sometimes I have to remind myself to stop and hold them when they get hurt. My pain tolerance level is really high so I tend to just brush off their ouchies. Gotta stop and give them so love. 🙂

georgia b. - so sweet. so true.

beautiful tender moment you captured.

Skeller - wise words…

Stacey - I totally agree with what Tracey said. Sometimes I just say, “You’re okay, shake it off.” They need that love from us. Thank you for the reminder. And the lovely photo!

Golightly - Amen Sister!
I agree with Tracey too, but sometimes it’s not a physical owie, sometimes it’s an emotional meltdown, which is harder to be patient about; but it’s important to stop and hold and hug. I sat with my 6-year-old Monday night as he cried for an hour over something. sigh.

liza - It amazes me how my kids turn to be for a little kiss or caress after even the littlest of scraps and falls. Hope she’s all better.

Barbara - So true. Love the image and your words. Nicely done!

Shawntae - Why is it so easy to forget sometimes? Today has been one of those days that I find myself clenching my teeth and getting irritated at the smallest things. I just need to remember, love is all he wants… even though what he’s usually saying he wants is a cookie, or candy, or something from the top of the refrigerator that I’ve taken away from him, the list goes on and on! lol. Thank goodness each day is a brand new start, because this one sure doesn’t make it to the top of the Awesome Mommy days.

Love the photo too by the way.:)

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 - LOVE the composition! The sunlight on her face…the processing… just beautiful!

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