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Friday: I’m thinkin’…

… that I am in awe of my children’s energy, wonder, ease, and acceptance of life as it is… and that I want those qualities in the way I am with my own life.

I’m joining in with a group of women and their beautiful blogs this week for a daily “I’m thinkin'” theme.  Hooray for new friends!

Check out the other ladies’ thoughts for today:
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georgia b. - oh, me too, me too! i think it’s why God intended for us to have little kiddos… one of the reason, anyway.

beautiful thoughts and photo.

liza - AMEN!!! I think some days are easier than others.

Skeller - me, too! oh, and I could I please have a double dose of the energy? that would be awesome!

Tracey - me too. 🙂 And I have a feeling they are like this because you are.

Shawntae - Lovely shot and wonderful words!

Heather M. - your words rang so true with me today. isn’t it amazing how much they can teach us?!

Andrea - Amen, sister! You said it! I look at my son and wish I could have all of the uninhibited-ness (is that a word?) back; and the pure joy of the simple things, and no worries. It seems we lose all of that as we grow older. It’s a shame really. If you figure out a way to get it all back, let me know! 😉

Stacey - Yep. Why am I always trying to change them when I would learn more being just like them??

Marvett Smith - Your words are so true! Love this image, and love this project!

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 - Oh what a wonderful image! The black and white is just gorgeous. You truly captured the spirit of childhood….and there’s nothing cuter than missing front teeth is there? Lol! This was such a fun link up! Have a wonderful weekend!

Golightly - So true! And the picture of your boy just encompasses all that – beautiful.

I love reliving the wonder of childhood through my child, and even living new experiences with him.

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