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This Silly Wonderful Boy

An afternoon in the life of a sweet 4 year old boy.  
He is sometimes such a challenge for me with the occasional tantrum, whining, pestering of his sister, breaking things (really just checking out how they work), getting frustrated and lashing out.  And yet I get that he’s really just a wee lil’ guy who is learning what he wants, how to go after it, and how to be a human being in a world that so often doesn’t just give you what you want.  
For me, I want to be patient with him, look for understanding, hold him close, walk with him through his struggles, and enjoy his laughter and silliness.  

tracey - When my son was 4 he had that same hair cut and I loved it. At 4 he about wrung me dry. Now he is 12 and such a sweet kid. Sometimes he about drives me crazy with his noises and energy and deconstructing of things around the house, but I am thankful for him. 🙂 Such great pix J. What a lovely spot.

Stacey - Love the light in these photos.

I can so relate! My little E is three and a half and up until about the last month he has been so easy. Then it was like a switch went off or something and the whining, testing, and tantrums started. It’s kinda thrown me for a loop! Between him and his sister I’m learning LOTS of patience. 🙂

Another similarity in our kids…. A thumb sucker. I read your post on the thumb sucking with your daughter and trying to break the habit. Has it been successful? I’m trying to think of ways to stop it with Evie.

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