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This Christmastime: Woods Walking

I LOVE having Matt home with us.  It’s just plain awesome and fun and wonderful to be a family that has time to share together.  One of our favorite things to do as a family is to play in the woods together, and thankfully we found a perfect woods spot full of climbing trees, archways, hiding places, and beautiful plants… and not too far away from our house either.  I voted to go there every day while Matt is on leave, though that may be a touch unrealistic.

When Matt and I first met we shared a love of woods.  Our friendship developed over long walks, hikes, backpacking trips, and hours spent talking in the woods around Missoula, Montana.  We married under a giant old pine tree in the woods, and our children are named after trees (ash and cedar).  Although we have found less time since those college days to dwell in the woods, we still value being in nature and want to hold it as a priority in our family.  We hope to do those long hikes and backpacking trips again one day– with our children this time (and hopefully we’ll be back in some mountains by then too!).

Anna - These are the trees I grew up climbing. Such beautiful pictures of them and your family.

tracey - I love this about you and your family. I love trees. I dream about them. 🙂 I love that you got married under one. How special!
It is wild that you should share this post today. My friend JUST mailed me a necklace on Friday that she specifically made for me. (She is an amazing jeweler who specializes in silver and precious metals–we did a photo/jewelry trade.) It’s a small silver disc on a simple ball chain and on the front she imprinted an oak tree. On the back she imprinted the Bible reference Isaiah 61:3. I gave the reference to her bc it has some personal meaning for me, and so she created the necklace for me. I have not taken it off.
I hope you get more time there with your family before the business of life sets in again. You can climb in those trees and be reminded of how very loved you are by a God that put them there. 🙂

Naomi - These are beautiful! What fun and what an awesome tree!

Stacey - I’m so happy you are getting some quality time with your family. This place looks amazing. I also adore trees. Sometimes I feel like they are God’s blanket over us.

Love the one of YOU in the tree. 🙂

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