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Monthly Archives: January 2012

forest walking

Walking through the woods in Florida really is like being in a magical fantasy forest. I know that last photo doesn’t really fit in the magical forest theme, but that little nose wrinkle is just too cute not to include.  The little guy really gets into his sticks!

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Sometimes when I’m tired and the day seems bleak and purposeless, I know it’s time to go outside.  With kids in tow, we head for the park or the beach or wherever I can get to that isn’t me pining away inside my house, wising things were different.  I bring my camera along, just in […]

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I love getting doctored by the kids– especially when they let me snooze through it… which doesn’t really happen anymore since so much of “doctoring” now is them asking me lists of questions and taking lengthy notes.  But, still, it is nice to lay on a bed in the sun in the afternoon and get […]

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a bit of self-celebration

Last year on January 24th I went to surgery to remove a bit of breast cancer and with it both my breasts.  I got reconstructed breasts over the course of 2011 and now, one year later, I am looking and feeling fine.  Between surgeries (6 surgeries to be exact) and recovery periods my working out […]

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parkour practice

A teenager from our homeschool group demonstrated a parkour move for us at the park the other day (I asked him to show us a move because he practices it and we think parkour is awesome), so this teen happily and simply climbed onto a pavilion roof, ran across it, and jumped down.  After seeing […]

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… for mama to get outta bed and hang out and play and make breakfast and do stuff, cause, in his words, “Mama, I just don’t know what to do with myself!”

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