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Joy in the New

My life is quieter right now with Matt back to work, and with a crazy schedule too, but that’s OK– we had a great vacation-at-home together for the first time in years and I am grateful for it.  Now it’s on to other tasks, like homeschooling, getting back to a routine, connecting with my children, making friends, and developing my own skills and sense of contentment.

To be honest the idea of 2012 has me feeling anxious, because it comes with Matt going on a 7 month deployment later this summer.  I know that hanging onto my fears only holds me back from remembering the things I have to be grateful for, the opportunities waiting to be seen, the work I have to do here and now, and the connections I can make in the process.  So my purpose now is to accept my life as it is, tell the truth, and open up to the joy and blessings that really are always flowing to me.

Stacey - Oh Jessica….I so appreciate your honesty. I can so relate with your statement about developing your own skills and sense of contentment. I am continually learning about contentment.

And I am going to start praying right NOW about his absence. Sending you a hug.

Andrea - I'd have to echo Stacey's words and say, I love an honest blogging friend. I think that when we can accept all the hard parts of our life, and notice the details for which to be grateful, we can't help but know joy. 🙂

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