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In the Weight Room

We love seeing the kids get enthused with us about exercise, especially about lifting weights.  Matt in particular is great about getting them involved while he works out– it’s serious partying out there in the garage sometimes, with music blasting, weights hitting the floor, hoots and hollers, lots of new kinds of lifts and some dance moves, too.  We want them to grow up strong and lean and, since we don’t have a farm and bales of hay to throw around, lifting weights will suffice.  Ashton has been especially impressive, picking up the 44lb kettlebell 15 times or more in a row (not to mention her “tyrannosaurus rex exercise”).  We actually just purchased a smaller set of weights for them to use (the 45 pound olympic bar is just a bit too heavy for them), so soon we’ll have pics of them doing legitimate deadlifts, presses, and squats.

… and it’s fun to see the weight lifting drawings, too.

tracey - The drawing cracks me up! And your enthusiasm for exercise inspires this lazy butt!

Andrea - I love that photo of your daughter picking up the weight. Love the look on her face. And the drawing is pretty cute.

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