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A big reason why I keep this blog (and why I post so many photos) is so that we have a family journal to look back through, talk and laugh about, get ideas from, and reflect on, as well as a family photo album created without the work of having to print photos and put them in albums.  Now we have not only a digital version of this family album, but a real-life print one too.  The book is far from perfect (next time I might spend more time designing it) but it was quick and easy: I just put in my URL and it spit me out a book which I received a week or two later, simple as that.  It is pretty great to have it.

By the way, I used Blog2Print for this, although I am curious to know if others have done this and how you did it.

Mindy - Can I ask you a few questions? How many pages are in this book and what was the pricing like?

Love this idea!

Take care,

Andrea - Great idea! I need to try this sometime. Can you put in dates so it only prints a years worth of blogging. And not all of your blog? I think you can do a similar thing at Blurb but not certain.

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 - Oooh! Congrats on the beautiful blog book! I actually did a book a year or so ago from Blog2Print, but because I when I resize my images for web, they go to 72 dpi, my pics aren’t printable. Boo! Well, they printed, but the quality was bad. Do you mind me asking what resolution you upload your blog pics? Also… I did several images with rounded corners (saved as png files), and Blog2Print can’t read png files. (That was my fault…I didn’t read the FAQ’s close enough. So I had some blank spaces). But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of a blog book… I just wish it would work for my images!

About the b&w you were wondering about on my blog, I believe that was one of Kellie Hatcher’s b&w presets for LR. I can’t remember which one…but I’m sure it was one of hers. It’s funny… I don’t usually use her b&w presets because on my pics they are a little strong, but for some reason it worked on that one! 🙂 I’m so glad you liked it!

(And I just peeked at your golden shimmer post… OH MY!! What glorious light you found! Absolute perfection!!) 🙂

Tracey - I have been wanting to do this forever! I went to the website and I have over 3400 photos and the book only holds 1500. Ha!! Might have to volumes? Sheesh, I take a lot of pictures!

tracy - LOVE this!!!! Great inspiration and wonderful way to keep the memories… Thanks for sharing.

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