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Cedar is almost always ready to play with Ashton should she be open to it, and though our girl is highly unpredictable and we never quite know what to expect from her, we love the mornings when she wakes up happy, snuggly, and ready to open her arms to her little brother.  This particular morning when Cedar complained about being cold, our girl grabbed our homemade quilt and wrapped that boy up tight, just like a big sister (sometimes) does.

Naomi - So adorable! What a sweet gesture 🙂 love the quilt.

sara - awww!
that last one is my favorite.
i think you should blow it up and turn it into a canvas.
love it!

Tracey - These are such sweet photos J. I love that last one especially. And I love your handmade quilt!

Heather M. - that is so sweet. i want to curl up in a quilt right now too.

Michelle - I love these so much. Absolutely timeless.

Stacey - Oh! Don't you just love it when they do such wonderful "big sister" things! Love it. And love your quilt!!

Jenn - Love the expressions you captured! And sweet interpretation of cold.

ZeldaMom - Nothing like a soft warm quilt to warm up the cold. Sweet!

Andrea - Oh my! What a sweet big sister. Kinda melted my heart reading this. Max SO needs a big brother or sister. And do tell more about the quilt. I took a quilting class years ago and loved it, but not sure I have the patience to actually make a quilt.

Amanda Kelley - Nothing beats a hand-made quilt. Love this shot—let kids be kids. And brrr…I need a quilt right now.

Marvett Smith - Love your cold images, and I love that handmade quilt!

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