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We’re on our own this week while Matt is away at sea.  I hope we’ve gotten used to his absence enough that we will fall easily into a rhythm, finding the ways that work for us to partner, cope, and have fun together without Matt.  We got his schedule for the next year, and it shows us that many weeks will be spent away from us.  It isn’t what we thought we were getting into, but it is what it is.  This Navy thing has its good parts and not-so-good parts… but I know that life, no matter what our situation, always brings its ups and its downs, its easy parts and its hard parts, its blessings and its challenges.  And I also know that it is all a blessing, in one form or another.  Now my question is how to remember that, especially when things seem so hard.

Stacey - These are so beautiful, Jessica.

Tracey - that first photo….what a treasure. 🙂 Beautiful. You are one strong woman Jessica. I will be praying for you and your kids, for patience, and strength. You are loved.

Andrea - I don’t know how you do it! Those photos are beautiful. Sending prayers your way.

Brooke - Jessica, you are right by saying there are ups and downs no matter where you choose to go in life… but it is hard to remember the good times come when it seems so hard! I am already dreading Tyler’s inevitable deployment this year… I think we are heading back to Oregon for most of it when the time comes… for the help and support families offer.
I can not believe that more people on base don’t come out… that is so sad and disappointing. Military wives need that camaraderie of other in their situation!
Good luck, Jess. I think of you guys often!
Oh, and such beautiful pictures! Is Matt an avid photographer as well? What camera do you guys use? Not that I know much, but you guys have a beautiful eye for photography! Not to mention a beautiful family!

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