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I am grateful to have children that see life, almost every day, as a fun place to play in and be excited about.  Things can look so miserable and scary to me, and yet here are these human beings smiling about simple things, unafraid, OK with life as it is, always seeing things to be happy about.  It’s amazing.  I want to let go of my fears and be like them.

Naomi - Love these. I too wish i could be more like my kids at times. What lessons our kids teach us!

Jenn - Love how carefree they are in these. And I totally echo your sentiment.

Andrea - Beautifully stated, Jessica. Max has taught me so much about finding joy in the simple things; in the details. Which in turn has made me realize what a fearful and guarded life I live. Oh to be a child and be carefree and full of wonder again.

mailli - Wow!!!!!!!!!!!
That is so pretty!!!!!!
Mom read a book, and now she Quotes it a lot, saying:"ya may not like it but its not the end of the world."

Stacey - I adore that first photo.

Most days I think my kids teach me more than what I teach them.

Tracey - I think we all want to let go of our fears and be like our children. 🙂

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