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I’ve been doing my best to get us out-of-doors every day, because I think it’s good for us.  Whether it’s to the beach or the woods or biking to the park, we’ve been enjoying the Florida sunshine as much as possible.  We have a friend (and her mom) with whom we’ve been enjoying kid bike/park dates, which I am really happy about– it’s nice to have a friend.

Jenn - Doesn’t it feel great to get outside everyday? We are not outdoorsy types but the kids and I have been trying to get outside for at least a bit each day and it seems to make all our moods a little better. Though our outside right now requires toques and mittens. 🙂

Tracey - So glad you are enjoying the sunshine and getting out with a friend. 🙂 It’s supposed to dump rain her in the next few days. Went for a walk this morning to get my sun in before it goes away!

Andrea - Enjoy that sun for all the rest of us stuck in rain and snow and wind. 🙂 I wish I could get my boy outside more. He is such an indoor kid. (Just like I was as a kid…) Drives me crazy.

mailli - I’m so happy for you guys to get outside!!!It must be like a vacation!!!!!!!
We just got our first snow:-)

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