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… for mama to get outta bed and hang out and play and make breakfast and do stuff, cause, in his words, “Mama, I just don’t know what to do with myself!”

Jenn - Waiting for breakfast works. 🙂 Love your b&w.

Just Rhonda - Great conversion! And love the quote 🙂

sara - oh man, i’ve seen the expression before!
love your entry this week!

ZeldaMom - Ha, love it.
Have him get up and help make pancakes!!!
Mickey Mouse pancakes.

Heather M. - totally love your take on this theme!

Kristin - my #4l is the same way, she always seems to wake up while I am practicing piano with my #3 and can’t wait til I’m done for her breakfast! She is always waiting on me!

Tracey - This made me smile. I love your take on the theme!

Heather - How could you pass that cuteness up? Of course it counts, breakfast was involved.

Naomi - Ha! Love it! Such a great shot 🙂

Golightly - Oh so sweet. Mine often has to wait, too. Only, I admit, I let him watch a “morning show”.

Stacey - Love his expression. He’s like….”come ON mom!”. 🙂

Andrea - Oh, I SO feel the same way some mornings before I even get out of bed. Though I have a ton of stuff I need to do. I just don’t want to do any of it.

I'm Veronica - Good morning I’m the newst poster for the link up with Andrea. I love this photo in black and white and love your blog header!

Heidi - My youngest waits every morning for me to get him breakfast too!

I’m new to the project this week – a friend of Kristin’s. This project will definitely inspire me and hopefully make me a better photographer!!

Amanda Kelley - This is perfect—so creative, loved this and the BW & natural light…a double perfect.

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