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a bit of self-celebration

Last year on January 24th I went to surgery to remove a bit of breast cancer and with it both my breasts.  I got reconstructed breasts over the course of 2011 and now, one year later, I am looking and feeling fine.  Between surgeries (6 surgeries to be exact) and recovery periods my working out has been intermittent through the year (like maybe half the year I actually trained), basically putting me back now where I was before surgery (in terms of pounds I can lift).  Though I may be where I started in pounds, I can say that today I’m smarter in my knowledge about form and lifting, I’m more confident in my abilities, I want to get stronger and leaner more than I did before, I am more self-driven now, I’m enjoying it more, I have adopted a more fun and flexible diet, and… well, basically I’m pretty sure I’m a badass.  I’m doing multiple sets of weighted pull-ups, deadlifting around 210 pounds, squatting 175 pounds, and bench pressing about 115 pounds (and those aren’t my one rep maxes, but lifts I can do 5 or more times).  I’m just kidding about being a badass, because really this is just the beginning for me: now that I’m free to train without interruption (barring any health issues), I have a long way to go before I’m a true badass.  
I’m not saying all this to be arrogant, but just to say that after having been through what happened to me last year, I feel proud of myself for continuing to go so fully for my physical health and fitness, and that even after having cancer, I might just be in the best shape of my life.  And I’m going for it even harder.

Stacey - Um….I’m pretty sure you are a badass.

YOU are an INSPIRATION. Wow. And you are beautiful. And you are incredible.

And I’m off to the gym now. 😉

Jenn - I love everything about this post. Love that you’re celebrating such an accomplishment. Love that you look so happy about it. And love your back muscles in that last shot. 🙂 You are awesome.

And yeah, you’re making me feel the need to get back to the gym too.

mailli - Wow!!!!!!!!!!!
That’s so Amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Tracey - You are a badass. No apologies! You are a badass for surviving and getting through the last year and a badass for working hard to be strong. You and Michelle need to get together. Did you read her post today?
(I’m such a wet noodle next to you two!)

Andrea - Yea, I think you’re a badass…
You’ve done some amazing things in the past year.
You are amazing. 🙂

Brooke - You are amazing! I am so proud of you coming out on top. It takes a badass to do that! so you are a badass!
Plus you look amazing, which is a great side effect from working out, right?! I want your back muscles for my back 🙂
I guess I will try to have to be a bad ass.

Anna - I’m reading this as I eat some cookie dough. Hmmm. And only aspiring to one day be a bad to the bone as you, Jess! You are one amazing woman! And even now, you take life as it comes. Good job, girl! I’m in awe!

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