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Monthly Archives: February 2012

winter warmth

Just another day enjoying the beautiful weather here in Florida.  Getting outside is so simple with year-round warmth and sunshine (although this past week or two has actually been mostly gray, rainy, and cool enough to wear long sleeves– for part of the day).  I am thankful for this part of my life; in fact, […]

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homeschool group baking

We’ve been having a really nice time getting to know the women and children in the homeschool group we’ve been participating in for the past several months.  It’s really rewarding not just because of all the friends I’m making and cool people I’m meeting, but because I love seeing my kids come out of their […]

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homeschooling with GAK

You are looking at a typical morning at our home-“school.”  Every day is different– most include math and reading, others arts and crafts, sometimes we take trips out with friends or our homeschool group, other days are heavier on computer games while some include those trips to the woods or beach we love so much. […]

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When he’s home, he loves being home… with us.  He lets me sleep in when I’m tired; he watches the kids and sends me off to the thrift store; he cooks, shops, and makes amazing desserts; he plays legos with our son and reads books to our girl; he listens to me– a lot, even […]

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that boy

I’ve talked so much about Ashton lately that I thought I’d showcase our little guy today.  He’s growing up, too, but still often at our sides, holding our hands, needing and snuggling.

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her quilt

This post is another one about the current awesomeness of Ashton, who seems to be growing not only older and taller, but also more and more capable of learning, understanding, and practicing a variety of new skills.  Sewing included.  She made her own little quilt, much like the one we made before, only this time […]

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her book

Later we typed a story and glued it onto the pages. The Princess Once there was a mom named Strawberry, and she had a daughter named Juliette.  Juliette had her own daughter named Rapunzel.  One day while they were watching a movie called Rapunzel, a bad guy jumped into the house and another bad guy […]

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playing piano

Her papa is teaching her to play the piano.  It just seems to be the time for her to start learning– and asking for, practicing, and thinking about– things like reading, writing, and piano.  On her own, without our pushing (well, we are learning to engage her without pushing), happy to get better at these […]

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Getting those body parts fresh and clean.  And because, after 7 years of raising children, I don’t think I have even a single bathtub photo of either of them.  Sadly they are drawing nearer to the day they will no longer bathe together anymore.  For now, though, barring the occasional bickering, tub time continues to […]

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