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If you haven’t seen this video of Jim Henson making puppets, you really should.  And if you have kids, please watch it with them.  We have watched it several times and after each viewing our little boy has gone straight for the craft baskets to make himself some puppets.  During the latest viewing of this little video, Matt happened to be in the room (actually he was in the next room but ended up dropping his project and coming over to watch) and when it was over, just like Cedar, he went on a wild hunt around the house for puppet-making materials.  It really is amazingly simple to make puppets from random things around the house.  Watch that video, if nothing else just to experience the creativity of Jim Henson.

Jenn - Love the photos. Thanks for posting the video, going to watch it with my littles after breakfast.

Amanda Kelley - OMG—so much fun! Great shots!

Stacey - This is fantastic.

And I love your daughter’s nightgown. Did you make that?

Meryl - This is so great! I keep meaning to have a puppet making session soon. I think I need to go dig through my old socks.

tracey - J, these are just so fantastic. I love your hubby participating with them! Have you seen “Being Elmo”? It is on my list of documentaries to watch! I think you would love it too.

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