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My sweet boy.  I wonder what he is dreaming of?

Amanda Kelley - So simple, so SWEET! I love, love, love the second shot, captures a sleeping little boy like no other!

Jenn - Aaahhhh, I love how little sleeping hands curl up just a little bit.

Just Rhonda - love these! so peaceful!

Naomi - Love. So precious.

Tracey - I can imagine you sneaking in to take these photos. 🙂 What a precious sight! His little sleeping lips and hands….

Amanda - Ohhh….what precious shots. 🙂

Heather M. - this is so sweet.

Kristin - I love me some sleeping kids!! Beautiful shots

Andrea - Very sweet photos of your boy. 🙂

Heidi - He looks like a sleeping angel – what beautiful shots.

And please add me to your list 🙂

Simply Sara - awww his little hand.
his little face.
so sweet.
these are wonderful!

ZeldaMom - aww, sweet little guy, I always loved the limp, relaxed hands when they sleep.

Carla - These are beautiful. So simple but wonderful. Precious.

Golightly - Love that little hand too. Sweet pictures.

Stacey - I love the graininess in these photos. So sweet, Jessica.

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