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those toes

I am not a feet person… at all.  I despise the photos people put on their blogs of their toes— blech!  I’m sorry if that person is you, and please know I still adore your photos if I am still reading your blog, but I will skip over the toes photos.  But for some reason, even though I can hardly even take my own feet, I adore my children’s feet.  Love them.  I love seeing them whip around everywhere barefoot, only wearing shoes if we make them and then taking them off the moment we get in the car for the ride home.  I just love those kids’ toes.

Andrea - Lol! You totally just wrote my post for next Friday’s link-up! Not kidding! I dislike toes so much. But Max’s toes – cutest things ever!

Tracey - I am the same way!!! Ha!

mailli - Totally!!!!!!!!
My words to!!!!!:-)!!!;-)!!!!!!!!(-:

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