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I imagined, when I first began thinking about what to photograph that would represent “quiet” in our life, I would post a photo like the one below.  The solitude of nature, the early morning quiet, the beauty of morning dew…

But then I realized that, for us, “quiet” happens not from walks in the outdoors or early morning sun reveling, but more often from children playing games on the internet.  During computer time these two are focused on things other than being ‘bored’, getting irritated with each other, feeling hungry/tired/sick, or following mama around asking for things.  For some it looks like setting the kids down to a movie (which, I confess, I have also been known to do).  For me, computer time means a few minutes of quiet.

Jenn - I love those few minutes of quiet, however I can grab them. Whatever works. 🙂

Marvett Smith - Love these images! My quiet time comes at the end of the day when I put the kids to bed. I have to say I do enjoy it, but I’m also so happy when they wake up and quiet time is over. 🙂

Simply Sara - oh my. i am so drawn to that first image. it is so gorgeous!

and i love his expression in the image on the left 🙂

Naomi - Both takes on quiet are great!! Quiet comes in screen time at our house too. I will take what i can get!! 🙂

Tracey - Isn’t it amazing what you can accomplish when they are in front of the computer?!! I don’t blame you for loving that time. I love your grass photo too.

liza - There is nothing to be ashamed of giving yourself some quiet time by encouraging kids to explore their games on the computer. Enjoy it!!

Hi, Jessica…yes, I’m linked to the project, too. Please don’t forget to include me next time. Thanks for stopping by!!

Andrea - Computer time, TV time, any few moments of quiet are to be soaked-up! I like your “peek” in on them through the open door. 🙂

Heather M. - isn’t that the truth?! it can be rather peaceful when they are enamored with technology. totally love that dewy grass photo – so pretty.

Just Rhonda - So true at our house too!!! So very very true!!

Heidi - There is no shame in using technology to get some quiet time – we are all about that at our house too. My first thought for the theme this week was to take a picture of my youngest on the iPad. Great perspective!

tracy - Yes, quiet looks different from the eyes of a mommy. I used to love the noise of everyday life, but now I crave quiet. The same kind of quiet you mentioned… my kids get quiet time on the ipad 🙂

Stacey - Um….computer, iPhone, iPad, Wii…all wonderful forms to quiet time for this mama. Guilty. 🙂

I have a photo just like that first one I took a few weeks ago, except my grass has frost instead of dew. 🙂

Kristin - i have been know to let my kids turn the xbox on netfilx and watch 7 episodes of phinnias and ferb just to get some quiet time! Great shots!

Carla - I’m so with you. Especially considering my pic was one of my kid watching TV. I was taking pictures of the full moon at first but then realized that my kid quiet is what was more reflective of my life. Nice to know someone is on the same wavelength.

Golightly - We steal our time when our son is on his computer, video game time too. Wouldn’t change a thing.

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