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playing piano

Her papa is teaching her to play the piano.  It just seems to be the time for her to start learning– and asking for, practicing, and thinking about– things like reading, writing, and piano.  On her own, without our pushing (well, we are learning to engage her without pushing), happy to get better at these things she’s working on.  On the piano, she is learning to play simple songs and make up her own songs.  She’s starting down a new path of being a “big” kid.

mailli - Thats so fun!
Is she learning simply music?

Marvett Smith - So sweet! My oldest girl plays and I love it. She creates such beautiful music, and I think it’s unique to who she is. I think it’s wonderful that she is learning and what a wonderful experience for the two of them to have together!

Andrea - Learning a musical instrument teaches kids so many great things! This is great. And especially great is she’s enjoying it so much.

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