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Later we typed a story and glued it onto the pages.

The Princess

Once there was a mom named Strawberry, and she had a daughter named Juliette.  Juliette had her own daughter named Rapunzel.  

One day while they were watching a movie called Rapunzel, a bad guy jumped into the house and another bad guy jumped in and landed on the back of the TV.  Then he took all the people– Strawberry, Juliette, and Rapunzel– and tied their feet and chained them up and put them in a big truck and gave them a drink so they fell asleep.  The sign of the truck said “Don’t Come Inside” and “No Taxi”.   Then another bad guy named Black Blobby snuck in to see the princess.  He let the bad guys chain him up because they did not know he was a bad guy.  

The princess Rapunzel had a prince boyfriend with golden hair.  So she made her hair golden, too, like her boyfriend.  The princess also had a beautiful, magic necklace.  It was the bad guy queen’s necklace, but she had died so it got scattered all over the place.  A mouse had a blue one and the princess had an orange one.

The bad guy snuck over, found a knife on the floor, and cut his chains free.  Then he got the princess and cut her chains free.  He ran out, found a boat, stuck it into some ocean water, and jumped inside.  A mermaid swam over.  He cut the princess’ arm with the knife and threw her into the water.

The mermaid was swimming toward her.  Then the prince, named Eric, disguised as a shark, swam over and saved the princess.

They went to his house and he put the necklace into a golden drawer, wrapped the princess’ arm, and put a huge bowl on a huge plate so the princess could rest her hair in it.  Then he made the princess lie down on a red bed with a green pillow on it.  He dressed her in some red shorts and a pink dress.  

When the princess was better they married.  Then the princess had a baby.  Snip, snap, the umbilical cord got cut.  The princess screamed because it hurt to have her baby come out.  Then they found out the baby was a tiny baby girl.  It was a lovely, beautiful, princess baby girl.

Rapunzel and the prince had a lovely daughter.  The very next night they named their daughter Laurice.  They flicked the lamp on, put on a lullaby, and hugged their arms around each other, put the baby to bed and went to their bed and fell asleep.

And there were no more bad guys.  And they lived happily ever after.

mailli - Oh my, what a beautiful story!

Andrea - This is so sweet. Even if were some bad guys. Max has me do the same thing. He draws the pictures and I write his story. 🙂

Stacey - The. Cutest. Thing. Ever. She is such a great artist. Evie LOVES to draw. Our girls would get a long so well. 🙂

And so funny because Evie published a book for school and brought it home today. The title? A Princes Store. 🙂

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