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I’ve talked so much about Ashton lately that I thought I’d showcase our little guy today.  He’s growing up, too, but still often at our sides, holding our hands, needing and snuggling.

Andrea - The photo of your sweet guy holding hands with daddy – priceless. They grow-up too fast, don't they.

Naomi - So Precious. Love the second one and love the one of him holding hands with his daddy–those are the best moments! 🙂

Stacey - Oh these are so so wonderful, Jessica. Love the second one, sigh. And the ones of them holding hands? And the one of them on the tree?? I adore how he's clutching onto Daddy's shorts and fingers. Beautiful!

Tracey - Love that second shot! Don't you love that still want to hold your hand? I will never let go until they do. 🙂

mailli - I really love those photos!
Hes wearin' the matchin' shirt to my brothers, isn't it

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