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When he’s home, he loves being home… with us.  He lets me sleep in when I’m tired; he watches the kids and sends me off to the thrift store; he cooks, shops, and makes amazing desserts; he plays legos with our son and reads books to our girl; he listens to me– a lot, even when he’d rather be doing something else; he’s a crazy wrestler and a mean swordfighter; he feeds me chocolate and sweet beverages; he snuggles, especially during movies; he pretty much does whatever I want, especially if it’s fun, and definitely if it makes me happy; he loves me.

ZeldaMom - Husbands are getting kudos today. Your’s sounds great!
I love your photos.

Jenn - Love all the special ways he loves you. And love how you photographed it.

Naomi - What a great hubby! Love your photos to go along with it…love how they tell the story.

Tracey - yay for an awesome hubby! I love hearing the little things they do for us. Oh, and I love going to second hand stores too. 🙂

Heather M. - awwww, so glad you have him!

mailli - OOOOOOOOOOOOOOh, that’s so fun.
The two things I like best are being loved + loving.

sara - awww. love how he loves you.
and a trip to the thrift store. that’s my kinda gift 🙂

Stacey - Yep. Love it!

Love how we were on the same wavelength this week 🙂

Michelle - I love reading about all the amazing husbands everybody has and how much we all value those very simple everyday things. 🙂 We are a blessed group of women, for sure.


Andrea - Sounds like you’ve got a great guy! And what a great husband role model for your son. 🙂 I love how wine is at the top of the list. 😉 (I’m feeling kinda bad I didn’t post about my husband this week. LOL.)

Heidi - What great storytelling in your photos. I hope all of our husbands read these posts to see how much they’re appreciated and loved!

tracy - i love the story these images tell of your everyday romance…

Marvett Smith - Love your words, and your images. Husbands really are the best. Especially when they happen to be your best friend too! 🙂

liza - I love reading all the romantic things our husbands like to do for us. It sounds like we all have been blessed with such sweet and considerate men.

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