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We’ve been having a really nice time getting to know the women and children in the homeschool group we’ve been participating in for the past several months.  It’s really rewarding not just because of all the friends I’m making and cool people I’m meeting, but because I love seeing my kids come out of their shells to interact with all these new people (they tend to be quite shy at first with people).  They are becoming more and more at ease with this group, playing with the kids, and engaging with the adults.  Without their grandparents and aunts and uncles around to connect with, it makes my heart happy to see my children connecting with these women… and to see these women loving my children.  

stacey - I love that last sentence….to see these women loving my children. Isn’t that the best? When you make friends that genuinely show love to your kids? The best.

liza - completely agree with Stacey…It’s a blessing to have people around that “love” your children, too.

Fairy Wings - You know this bring huge smiles to my face knowing how much you and the kids have enjoyed the group. On a personal note- How can we NOT fall in love with your kids? I still smile at my “fairy” conversation! *huge hugz*

Tracey - this looks like such a wonderful time J. And it made me hungry!

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